A couple enjoying the view on their South Pacific honeymoon at Lizard Island
A couple enjoying the view on their South Pacific honeymoon at Lizard Island

If you plan your South Pacific honeymoon with Luxury Adventures to New Zealand, Australia or the South Pacific, you’ll begin your married life in one of the most beautiful and romantic parts of the world. Our team will take all of the stress out of planning your big day or honeymoon. We can arrange something special and unique such as a heli wedding & honeymoon. Either in a stunning alpine or beach location. There are numerous dramatic, stunning and scenic locations because the South Pacific really has it all!

Whether you choose to get married at home or overseas; the South Pacific is a perfect place for a honeymoon. A truly special experience that’ll be filled with lasting memories. With everything to offer from adventure to spa treatments. Stunning scenery, outstanding cuisine & world class wine, mountains, lakes, beaches and more.

Luxury Adventures can help plan your South Pacific Honeymoon

Arranging a wedding and honeymoon can be stressful and take up a lot of a couples time. Your New Zealand honeymoon is a once in a lifetime trip, so it’s important you get it exactly right, and this is where we come in. Our team will ensure you receive a honeymoon that exceed expectations. All we need to know is a little about you as a couple. Such as what are the types of things you enjoy doing together and individually? Along with your intended travel dates. We can either discuss this over the phone or via email. Below is a sample of the types of information we like to obtain from our clients in order to tailor a South Pacific honeymoon.

How long do you have for your honeymoon?

We recommend at least 10 days – 2 weeks. This will give you enough time to experience 3-5 key destinations and associated experiences.

Where and when would you like to spend your time?

Or perhaps the bias of your time as it’s sometimes difficult to know exactly where until you have a rough itinerary mapped out? Figure out your must visit locations or destinations and go from there. Sometimes after speaking with us people change their minds. When they find out the must see destination they had in mind wasn’t going to offer them what they initially envisaged. Usually due to time of year, seasons or other factors. We’ve written another blog about information you should know when travelling to New Zealand. This covers seasons, the best times to visit, flights, driving etc. amongst other important gems.

What’s your travel budget?

This not surprisingly is the ultimate decider of not so much where you’ll go but certainly where you decide to stay and what experiences you’ll end up selecting. Our article on travel budgets goes into detail about general costs and what you can expect to spend overall on your South Pacific honeymoon.

Cape Brett Lighthouse & Walk
Walking the Cape Brett track with lighthouse in foreground

What type of accommodation would you like to stay in?

Would you prefer a hotel, luxury lodge, boutique property, private villa or glamping? Perhaps a combination of the above or you may have already narrowed it down to particular properties or brands? This is even more helpful for us. Again we can advise and make suggestions based on your brief and expectations. Once we have this information we can begin planning a tailored honeymoon for you. Remember our staff have stayed in many of the properties we offer so speak from personal experience.

Many couples like to mix things up by spending half their honeymoon experiencing the things they enjoy as a couple. Perhaps multi day hiking or overnight charter sailing? Wine tours, horseback safari, private picnics, picturesque walks, romantic dinners, almost anything is possible! Or something more adventurous and unique to New Zealand & Australia? Maybe a multi day white water rafting adventure, jet boat safari, overnight mountain biking, hot air ballooning, heli-skiing or an exclusive mountain helicopter trip.

It’s important to let us know what you would like to experience. Not solely for the enjoyment of your honeymoon. But the activities you choose can also have a major influence over the locations you end up visiting.

Your imagination is the only limitation here. Let us know what you’ve always dreamed about experiencing down under! Having performed a reasonable amount of private guiding in the early days of the business, I have first hand experiences with many of the activities on offer. Along with the other luxury travel specialists in our team it’s quite possible we’ve personally tried many of the activities available. To assist you further we’ve also put together our current list of New Zealand must do adventures. This is based on our own, and guests first hand experiences. Within this article you’ll find links to other top experiences from previous years.

How do you plan to travel around New Zealand or Australia?

You have a few different options here. Aside from the longer legs where you can choose from a commercial airline, private plane or helicopter, you will need to decide on private vehicle transfers vs self drive. You can read more about these options in the aforementioned article which goes into detail about this. As a general rule private transfers are considerably more expensive than self driving and comparable in price for both Australia and New Zealand.

Oruawharo, Great Barrier Island. An ideal South Pacific honeymoon escape
Oruawharo, Great Barrier Island. An ideal South Pacific honeymoon escape

South Pacific honeymoon ideas

Generally for a South Pacific honeymoon couples spend a considerable amount of money (relative to the individuals). Therefore its paramount you get it right and make it as perfect as possible. After all you want to get off on the right foot! Luxury Adventures have been creating honeymoons now for many years and have some really wonderful and unique ideas. Here are a few ideas to wet your appetite. We have some very special romantic accommodation options, for example the five star Sounds Retreat is a perfect New Zealand honeymoon location.

You’ll have exclusive use of the property, with the hosts Tony and Anne creating wonderful and romantic meals. Enjoy a private couples massage, soak up the amazing views, relax and enjoy each other’s company. For something really different how about a private luxury tent at Minaret Station, Wanaka, accessible by helicopter? Here you can hike, explore, fish, hunt and enjoy alpine picnics amongst numerous other activities.

For a truly private and romantic alpine chalet experience think dragonfly peak chalet, again only accessible by helicopter. Additionally we can arrange a chef to create a gourmet dinner for you at the chalet. Relax in your own luxury private room at the newly opened and very remote Lindis luxury lodge. Stay in a Tree House at Hapuku Lodge, go off the grid with a PurePod, and sleep under the stars, what could be more romantic!

The Siberia Experience is an ideal adventure of easy to medium difficulty while on your New Zealand honeymoon
The Siberia Experience is an ideal adventure of easy to medium difficulty while on your New Zealand honeymoon

South Pacific honeymoon packages and tailored itineraries

We have curated a selection of packages for you to choose from on our website. Below you’ll find links to the various countries and combinations. Remember they can be further tailored to suit, or you can contact us and start from scratch with your own ideas!

New Zealand honeymoons
Australia honeymoons
Fiji Honeymoons
Tahiti Honeymoons

Private mountaintop picnics on your South Pacific Honeymoon

Previous honeymooners have enjoyed private dining in the wine cellar at Huka Lodge. Private pink beach picnics at Kauri Cliffs and picnics on the lawn at Blanket Bay near Queenstown.  We have arranged champagne picnics for two on a mountain top or a wonderfully romantic and serene hot air balloon ride. Take a 4WD into a high country station and be the only two people for miles, drink champagne and soak up the views. How about something really memorable like a tandem skydive or bungee jump? Because there Is nothing like mutual trepidation to create indelible memories!

Hiking on your honeymoon

Other clients have chosen to spend their time hiking in the New Zealand wilderness, at one with nature. Taking in all the splendour of the New Zealand outdoors, just the two of you and a guide, or without. We can arrange accommodation along the way in anything from tents, to ranger huts or luxury lodges.

Perhaps take a kayak out to a secluded beach, with or without a private guide, see seals, penguins and other wildlife along the way. Then drop anchor at a secluded beach for a picnic lunch, swim and sunbathe. Grab a couple of bikes and explore the vineyards of the Hawkes Bay, Central Otago and Marlborough. A guided hike to a quiet secluded waterfall on a tropical island in Tahiti or Fiji, dive or snorkel with stingrays or sharks. Shop up a storm in Sydney, Melbourne or Auckland. Wine & dine at a long list of word class restaurants, eateries and bars.

New Zealand and Fiji or New Zealand and Tahiti Honeymoon?

Depending on the time of year a great opportunity and one many honeymooners enjoy is a twin destination honeymoon. Start in New Zealand or Australia with activities and adventures, then spend the last part of your honeymoon relaxing on a South Pacific beach. Either in one of the Islands such as Tahiti, Fiji or the Cook Islands. Or even New Zealand and Australia have some incredible beaches. This does depend on the time of year particularly for the tropical destinations, and our team are happy to make recommendations. Hopefully the above gives you an understanding and some ideas about honeymooning in the South Pacific.

How do our previous honeymooners feel about us? Take a look at our testimonials page and find out for yourself.

Flying back from Milford Sound on route to Queenstown. Two not to be missed destinations when on your New Zealand honeymoon!
Flying back from Milford Sound on route to Queenstown. Two not to be missed destinations when honeymooning in New Zealand!

Luxury Adventures – Tailoring luxury travel in New Zealand, Australia and the South Pacific Islands since 1999.

Editor’s note: This blog was originally published in April 2013. It has been updated numerous times for accuracy, and currency.

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