Lake Harris Routeburn Track, New Zealand

There are many great walks on offer in New Zealand as so much of this pristine land is protected but still allows public access. From multi-day hikes to a quick half day bush walk for those short on time. Its always exciting to hear of a new walking track, trail or hike that is available to visitors and that is just what we have discovered, a new guided hike, with a twist… based out of Queenstown. Here is what Guided Walks New Zealand has to say about their unique You vs. Wild experience:

“This is our version of the ever popular TV series. Now you can experience a little of what it’s like to survive off the land, with nothing but a knife and the few things you have on your person, or that may have been discarded by people before you.  On this half day walk you will be introduced to the wilderness of Aotearoa, you’ll learn how to make a fire, learn what plants are safe to eat, how to make pain relief, how to navigate the celestial way & how to filter water so that it’s safe to drink. These are just a few of the skills that you will need to stay alive, in the back country of New Zealand – Aotearoa.”

To find out more about this and the other walks available in New Zealand, contact Luxury Adventures today.

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