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This guide goes beyond merely listing destinations; instead, it presents a carefully chosen assortment, encouraging you to discover the finest luxury destinations for 2024. Prepare to explore hidden gems, breath-taking landscapes, and unparalleled experiences.

Explore the Extraordinary

Picture yourself in New Zealand, Australia, and a tropical paradise, each destination offering a unique blend of luxury and adventure (or complete relaxation). As you flip through these pages, envision the tailor-made experiences that await you.

Your Adventure, Your Way

Luxury is personal, and so is your journey. Let us guide your dream adventure, ensuring every moment aligns with your preferences and desires. This is more than a trip; it’s an experience crafted just for you.

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I have never used a travel agent before. I had no idea how helpful they can be before, during, and after travel. Dee McKean was amazingly helpful from our first contact to our last. She was delightful with which to work. I took a leap of faith selecting Luxury Adventures and am so very pleased that I did. First, I was overwhelmed with selecting where to go and what to do in New Zealand. Dee sent me many options and I could pick what we enjoy. She selected the pace and balanced it with the desire to see as much as possible. The length of the drive was considered and most stays were at least two nights. Every single detail was tended to and in perfect order. She did not miss a thing…lodging, car rental, flights, ferry tickets, phone numbers for cab drivers, excursions were all excellently planned including maps of where to be at what time. Dee even checked with tour operators to ensure we arrived! Within minutes of a flight cancellation she was assisting me with what to do and helped me think of options and got us a car rental at a time when they appeared to be all out! Thank you Dee and Luxury Adventures you are a very talented individual and top notch organization.

Beth Applebee – Flagstaff, USA

Hi Dee & Steve, Sensational trip. Golf was great. The driver was a great guy and was easy to work with. Accommodation was 1st class. Value for money was great also. Highly recommend the trip to others. Thanks again.

Tye Alroe – Queensland, Australia

I can’t say enough good things about Dee and Luxury Adventures. With only a month to plan, Dee completely understood what type of trip we were hoping to have and she made it all happen seamlessly, from the rental car to the hotels to the tours and just general information and advice about every area we visited. She was even spot on with the restaurant recommendations! It was a very memorable trip and within the budget we gave her. Would use them again and highly recommend!!

Deidre Watson – San Diego, USA