Read about some of Luxury Adventures favourite activities in and around the Taupo area.

Taupo Survival course
Taupo Survival course

Taupo Bear Grylls style!

Get back to nature, find your inner cave man or women! Luxury Adventures can team you up with a guide to experience a real survival experience.

Heading into remote New Zealand bush close to Taupo. You’ll learn basic survival skills including how to build a shelter. Also how to source food and water from your natural surroundings.

Leave the modern world and its conveniences behind, and learn to survive off the land. As well as survival skills your guide will teach you about the New Zealand bush. Also the skills required to build a fire, navigate off track, fish and trap animals. A real back to nature, fun filled experience. All whilst learning new skills you can take away with you.  

There are half and full day options available. Talk to our team about how to incorporate this unique adventure into your vacation or honeymoon.

Whanganui National Park
Whanganui National Park

Whanganui National Park River Canoeing

The Whanganui River is classed as one of New Zealand’s great walks, ironically as that may sound. Whanganui National Park runs through mountains and valleys out to the Tasman Sea. The area is steeped in Maori and European history, with lots of interesting and historical points such as the Bridge to Nowhere, built in the 1930’s. The Whanganui River runs through the heart of the national park with parts only accessible by canoe/kayaks.

Canoe or kayak on the Whanganui River

Imagine gliding down the river, soaking up the long still stretches of water with lush native New Zealand bush, valleys, and waterfalls. With only the sound of the river and the birdsong. Luxury Adventures can help plan single day guided canoe tour. Likewise multi day tours with camp stops along the way. Also all tours include canoe hire, equipment and guides. Get in touch with our team today to discuss including this in your luxury vacation.

Sunrise at Tongariro
Sunrise at Tongariro

Tongariro Crossing Sunrise Walk

The Tongariro National Park, is located in the central north island, around 1. 5 hours from Taupo. The Tongariro crossing walk has been voted among the best walks in the world. Crossing Tongariro offers dramatic and varied scenery. With volcanic peaks, views of Ngauruhoe, Ruapehu, Tongariro mountains, and emerald lakes. As well as scenes from Lord of the Rings films such as Mount Doom. Therefore the walk is popular and can be busy at peak times over summer.

We can organise a private guided sunrise hike that gets away from the crowds. Or a similar hikes in the national park but not the often busy crossing. Watch the milky way over Tongariro, then watch the sun come up over the Red Crater whilst enjoying a picnic breakfast. What could be more perfect!

Nights Sky in Taupo
Nights Sky in Taupo

Taupo Photography tours

Snow capped mountains, dramatic Huka Falls, bubbling mud pools, colourful geothermal attractions, and clear nights all perfect for astro-photography. Taupo is a photographers dream!
Let Luxury Adventures arrange a privately guided tour with a professional photographer. They’ll guide you to local sites and pass on expert tips. Therefore ensuring you have perfect souvenirs to take away with you to remember your New Zealand vacation! A great activity to do in Taupo for the amateur or accomplished photographer!

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