Sustainable tourism is important to Luxury Adventures. We’re excited to hear about some of the continued and new sustainable tourism initiatives our partners at Huka Lodge have in place. These practices will help the New Zealand environment along with the local Taupo community. You can read about sustainable tourism at Huka Lodge in Taupo below. Talk to our team if you would like to include Huka Lodge in your vacation or honeymoon.

Huka Lodge view from Huka Falls
Looking across to Huka Lodge

The initiatives fall into these three categories and are further outlined below.

Recycling and energy


  • A strong focus on reducing the use of plastic throughout the property with the implementation of the following:
  • Linen bags have been introduced to replace the plastic bags previously used for individual guest laundry requirements.
  • When sheets and towels are transported to from the rooms by Housekeeping they are done so in fabric bags, not plastic ones.
  • We filter and carbonate drinking water at source, and bottle in recyclable glass.
  • We have collaborated with the innovative company ‘For the Better Good’ and now use their recyclable water bottles made from plants.
  • We have had our own branded stainless steel hydro flasks made.
  • Plastic drinking straws have been replaced with paper versions.
  • We now use eco-ware wooden recycled cutlery for picnics and for food guests take away from the Lodge, in the place of plastic utensils.
  • Cling-film usage in the kitchen is now considerably reduced and this can only be used when there is no other possible alternative.
  • Bulk purchasing has proved to markedly reduce the amount of plastic packaging coming into the property.
Breakfast at Huka Lodge
Breakfast at Huka Lodge
  • A programme of active pest management has been in place for quite some time, with traps and baiting throughout the 17-acre grounds contributing to the elimination of introduced pests and serving to support the regeneration of native flora and fauna.
  • Huka Lodge sponsors an ongoing programme of opossum, stoat and rat control currently being undertaken in the redwood forest adjacent to the property.
  • A programme is in place within the gardens, to identify and protect against the spread of any invasive plant species that could pose a threat to the environment.
  • Huka Lodge supports local initiatives like Greening Taupo in their re-planting of native species of trees and shrubs to create a stronger natural environment for threatened species, via donation and labour.
  • Much of the planting in the extensive gardens at Huka Lodge have been chosen to provide food sources for native birds and pollen for bees.
  • All sprays, fertilisers and chemicals used in the gardens need to be proven to be environmentally sound before they can be used.
  • A secluded part of Huka Lodge’s property is home to a very successful Queen bee breeding programme, which contributes to helping ensure a brighter future for honey bees.
  • Our chef and kitchen team embrace the use of organic produce and natural ingredients.
  • Free-range produce, ethical animal husbandry and sustainable practices are sought from our suppliers. These are the first choice when purchasing produce.
  • All fresh fish served to our guests is purchased on the basis it is guaranteed to be sustainably harvested, and by long-line method.
Infinity Pool at Huka Lodge
Infinity Pool at Huka Lodge


  • Huka Lodge operates on the basis of recruiting staff from within the local community as its first priority, while providing a supportive and safe work environment.
  • We like to support local business and enterprise where ever possible in terms of the goods and services we purchase.
  • Huka Lodge regularly engages with, and supports, the local Taupo community via donations to fund-raising efforts for local schools, and a wide range of charitable initiatives.
  • For over 30 years Huka Lodge has hosted an annual Christmas party at the Lodge for residents of local retirement villages and rest homes. This event is always a most enjoyable occasion for all the elderly guests and for our staff.
Sustainable tourism at Huka Lodge
Huka is also great for families!

Recycling & Energy

Recycling is a well-established routine starting with the separation of recyclable materials at source with all disposable materials and then moving on to more complex recycling initiatives.

  • In anticipation of electric cars being in much wider use in the future Huka Lodge has installed three EV charging stations.
  • When Huka Lodge vehicles come to be replaced, electric/hybrid models are chosen.
  • All old batteries are collected and recycled in a way that is safe for the environment.
  • When new appliances are purchased, their energy efficiency rating is considered to be very important element in the selection process.
  • If limbs need to be removed from trees they are processed in a chipper, so the bark can be used in areas of the garden to suppress weeds.
  • Coffee grounds are recycled – the Nespresso machine pods are sent back to Nespresso or used by a local florist, while the plunger coffee grounds are put to good use as fertiliser in the gardens.
  • A full programme of light bulb replacement is well underway throughout the property, with all incandescent and halogen bulbs being changed over to energy-efficient LED versions.
  • All spent cartridges from our printers are recycled via a local supplier, who is offering this service.
  • Timers have also been installed on sensor-operating lighting to reduce energy waste.
  • Solar power options are currently being researched for future implementation as the best energy source over a variety of operational activities.
  • When our good quality bed linen and towels are considered no longer suitable for guest use, but still in very good condition, with plenty of wear left, they are all laundered, pressed and given to staff.

Kay Campbell is a luxury lifestyle specialist from Luxury Adventures. Talk to us about planning your next visit to New Zealand, Australia or the South Pacific Islands.

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