Milford Sound, Fiordland, New Zealand

Milford Sound makes final 28 list for the New 7 Wonders of Nature. Voting closes in two weeks so make sure you vote for your favourite N7W.

Milford Sound: “For thousands of feet upwards the eye looks upon straight cut rocky frontages, not worn smooth by time, or by wind or water, but as sharply defined and as fresh looking in all respects as if riven asunder but yesterday by the stupendous wedges of Titanic Masons.” James Hingston 1883. The Maori were the first to attribute the creation of the fiords to a “titanic mason”, Tute Rakiwhanoa who hued out the steep sided valleys with keen edged adzes. No other explanation seems to fit, as it is impossible to comprehend the sheer breadth of geological events that created this seemingly perfect sculpture, as sheer cliffs rise vertically upward from the ocean. Wet or fine Milford is incredibly grand. Mitre Peak magnetises photographers, and the fiord’s sheer cliffs excite both admiration and apprehension. Milford is by far the best known of all of the fiords and the only one that can be accessed by road. It is approximately 16km from the head of the fiord to the open sea, which means visitors can comfortably travel the length of the fiord to open ocean and return on one of the many cruise options available in one and a half to two hours cruising time. For the ultimate Fiordland experience we recommend a scenic heli trip – a 4 hr heli adventure through the mighty Milford Sound, Sutherland Falls, Tutukou glacier and beyond. This consistently rates as the most memorable experience for our guests. Just ask for more details on the Fiordland heli trip.

Tony Townley is a luxury lifestyle specialist and owner of Luxury Adventures.

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