Lizard Island Resort

We wish to advise you that the Queensland Parks & Wildlife Service (QPWS) will be carrying out a controlled burn on Lizard Island from June 6 – 10. The QPWS’ fire management program is guided by a comprehensive Fire Management System, which provides guidelines to facilitate the planning, implementation and monitoring of fire management. Because Lizard Island luxury resort is a 1,000-hectare National Park, a controlled burn is necessary as a fire prevention method and to conserve natural eco-systems on the island. It is anticipated the main lighting will take place over five days from June 6. However, staff from the QPWS will remain on Lizard Island for a period of 10 days to manage the burn. During this time we anticipate all resort services and activities will remain fully operational, however, guests who would like to change their dates of travel can do so without any cancellation fees.

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