Surfing New Zealand
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Whether you can already surf or are waiting for the opportunity to learn, New Zealand’s long coastline provides perfect waves for every level of surfer.

Adding a day or even a week of surfing to your next Luxury Adventure is definitely possible whether you are in the North or South Island. There are so many great breaks throughout New Zealand. From the beaches of Dunedin in the South Island to Mangawhai Heads and Ahipara in the far north, Lessons, Custom surf tours and heli tours are all available.

If something really off the beaten track appeals with sensational scenery, then surfing Fiordland with Awarua Guides is the ticket (see above photo).

New Zealand offers so much coastline that to find the perfect conditions for any particular day isn’t too hard.

In the North Island there are so many surf spots on both the east and west coasts that you will be able to hang out with the locals at popular spots such as Piha, or perhaps find your own private break along state highway 45 around the Taranaki Coast.

Down south in Kaikoura you will find a great wave, where you may find yourself sharing the ocean with some of New Zealand’s wildlife.

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