Knoll Ridge Cafe, Whakapapa

The Knoll Ridge Cafe at Whakapapa ski field on Mt Ruapehu has been selected by Design Curial magazine as the best designed cafe in the world. You can view the article here.

Top ten designed cafes in the world as selected by Design Curial

1. Knoll Ridge Cafe, Mt Ruapehu, New Zealand
2. Mirrors, Gifu, Japan
3. Romeow Cat Bistrot, Rome, Italy
4. Jury Cafe, Victoria, Australia
5. Dreamy Camera Cafe, South Korea
6. The Cake, Kiev, Ukraine
7. East Beach Cafe, West Sussex, UK
8. Cafe Ki, Tokyo, Japan
9. Salvaged Ring Cafe, Nha Trang city, Vietnam
10. Topolski, Waterloo, London

Tony Townley is a luxury lifestyle specialist and owner of Luxury Adventures. Talk to us about planning your next visit to New Zealand, Australia or the South Pacific Islands.

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