Hot air ballooning over Queenstown, New Zealand.
Hot air ballooning over Queenstown, New Zealand.

Are you planning hot air ballooning on your New Zealand honeymoon?

Hot air ballooning in New Zealand is an often requested activity by honeymooners travelling with us. Whilst being a fantastic experience that’s romantic and offers stunning views, there are a few aspects to consider when planning this activity into your itinerary. If you are not an early riser, you’re in serious trouble! Read on for more detailed information about the pros and cons of hot air ballooning in New Zealand.

You’ll need get up early for your ballooning experience

The ballooning process starts early, as in before the suns rises, especially in Queenstown which has a southerly latitude of around 45°, making the daylight hours longer in summer. If you are staying in central Queenstown you can expect to set your alarm for around 0430 – 0500 depending on the time of year, then phone for a weather check some time between 0430 – 0500. If the best part of the day for you is when the sun’s rising, then this is potentially an activity that will really appeal.

The weather is a key factor

New Zealand weather is the key factor and will decide if, and where you fly. Once you’ve been given the go ahead you’ll be picked up by your pilot and driven to the staging area for balloon preparation and flight. Flight time is usually around an hour, followed by a champagne breakfast where you land, or at a designated cafe. You should allow 3-4 hours in total for this activity. At the time of writing New Zealand offers hot air ballooning in or near Christchurch, Hamilton and Queenstown. The current cost for hot air ballooning in New Zealand varies from around NZ$500 – NZ$545 at the time of writing. If you’re wondering how this will fit into your overall New Zealand travel budget? The aforementioned article is well worth reading.

Pros of hot air ballooning in New Zealand

  • An early morning activity. If you’re an early riser it’s going to appeal. It also leaves the rest of day free for your next adventure.
  • Spectacular views with virtually no sound (other than when firing balloon). What a way to begin the day!
  • You’ll have unobstructed views of the sun rising.
  • A romantic activity for New Zealand honeymooners or enjoyable for anyone wanting to experience this unique form of flight.
  • Often flights will conclude with a champagne breakfast upon landing.
  • Element of serenity and adventure.

Cons of hot air ballooning in New Zealand

  • On the flip side of being an early riser, the non morning person won’t appreciate the 0430 – 0500 start. Even though it’s worth it once you’re airborne!
  • Ballooning is extremely weather dependent. This means you’ll need excellent visibility (kind of helps seeing the scenery anyway) and very little wind. Essentially calm settled conditions that are usually associated with high pressure systems are ideal, but not always present. Which is why this activity can be temperamental and prone to cancelling.
  • Balloon flights usually aren’t private unless you want to pay for the additional spaces. Often people think it’s just yourselves and the pilot, but this generally isn’t the case.

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