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Of course this all comes down to the time of year and where exactly you travel down under, but essentially New Zealand and Australia’s seasons are the opposite of the Northern hemispheres. In New Zealand the climate is generally temperate. Officially summer in New Zealand begins on December 1st and extends through to the end of February, but in reality March and April (Autumn) are also excellent times to travel with the weather still warm or mild. The weather tends to be drier and more stable making it a great time for visiting both the North and South Islands. The days are warm and the nights can be cool particularly in the South Island so packing something warm to wear in the evenings is always a good idea.

Winter in New Zealand can be quite cold and sometimes quite wet. In the central North Island and in the South Island snowfields are readily available during these months (July – September) for some great skiing and snowboarding. Further information on skiing in New Zealand can be found on our website along with information on heli-skiing in New Zealand. The weather starts its warming cycle again in Spring from September.

For Australia, the terrain and climate varies so greatly, that in the height of summer, Jan & Feb (same as in New Zealand), it can be very wet and hot in Northern Queensland but a very dry heat down in Victoria. Both of these have their advantages, but are two very different climates. In the North East of Australia the tropical rainy season begins in November and carries through to April. During May – October in the North East the weather is a lot drier but is still very warm with cooler nights. Areas like the Great Barrier Reef fall into this region and during these drier months the snorkeling and diving is amazing.

During November – April in the more southern States of Australia such as New South Wales, Victoria, lower Western Australia and South Australia it is very warm and a great time to explore with hot days and balmy nights. Certain parts of Australia get cold during the winter but not to the same extent as New Zealand and although you can ski in Australia the best skiing in the South Pacific is found in the South Island of New Zealand. Current weather conditions for New Zealand can be found on the MetService website and for Australia on the Bureau of Meteorology website.

Year round in New Zealand and Australia there is definitely somewhere to visit, whether you are after a tropical escape or winter getaway in December or July.

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