The sapphire blue of Tahiti and her Islands. The dazzling white of her coral sands. The brilliant greens of the elegant coconut palms. Blue, white and green; these are the predominant colours of Tahiti and her Islands. All 118 of these gorgeous Polynesian islands spread across five far-flung archipelagoes. Each with its own very individual character whose inhabitants blend the twenty first century to the ancestral rhythms of sun and sea. Tahiti and her Islands span four million km of ocean and cover an area as large as Europe. However, the land above sea level only accounts for some 4,000km consisting of 118 islands, grouped into five different archipelagoes: the Marquesas (to the north), the Society Islands and the Tuamotu (in the center), the Austral Islands (to the south) and the Gambiers (to the south east). Tahiti was declared in 2004 as an “overseas country” attached to France.

 The remote geographic location has always been a major attraction for those seeking the exotic and romantic allure of these unspoiled and natural environments. However, the spread of new technologies such as the Internet has increasingly connected Tahiti and her Islands with the rest of the world. A well developed infrastructure for health, education, transportation and communication with the widespread use of cars, computers and electrical equipment makes this seemingly isolated territory one of the most modern in the South Pacific. Tahiti is an ideal destination for a relaxing holiday, honeymoon or a more active vacation. Renowned for scuba diving and snorkelling in crystal clear lagoons where colourful coral and tropical fish abound. Enjoy a unique blend of European, Polynesian and Chinese cuisine and experience a taste of ‘chic’ French with South Pacific style and charm! Tahiti also offers a range of boutique style island properties and internationally acclaimed hotels and resorts. Whether you want a private island picnic near Bora Bora or a canoe to deliver breakfast in your overwater bungalow, Tahiti is the ultimate South Pacific island paradise.

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Scenic Highlights


  • Enjoy snorkeling in the crystal clear waters of Tahiti
  • Explore an amazing underwater world, diving is readily available in Tahiti
  • Experience a day on the water, go sailing for the day
  • Go on an exciting AquaSafari
  • Visit the ancient Maraes on and hear the heritage of the Island.
  • Stay dry while you view the marine life – on a glass bottom boat tour
  • For the keen fisherman fishing comes in all different forms in Tahiti
  • Experience a horseback ride along the beach
    Water sports are always on hand; surfing, windsurfing, jetskiing, jetboating, waterskiing, swimming, kitesurfing.
  • Relaxing is always an option in Tahiti, so sit back, put your feet up and enjoy the sun!

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