White Water Rafting Australia
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With a huge number of relatively short, fast-flowing rivers, Australia offers a range of white water experiences that can be safely enjoyed by almost all adult visitors. It is important that you check with us prior to booking as some operators place an age restriction on rafting for safety reasons. With an abundance of rafting options Australia can satisfy all types of white water enthusiasts, from a day on a relatively sedate river to a few days on a rip roaring grade 5 river system. Grade 1 rivers offer fairly tranquil waters, while grade 5 is regarded as extreme adventure. All of Luxury Adventures rafting operators are led by qualified rafting guides and comply with established safety codes. All gear including life vests, helmets and wetsuits are provided.

Go Rafting on the Mighty Tully River or the Barron River located just outside Cairns. The Gwydir River below Copeton dam, in northwest New South Wales, provides some of the wildest white water rafting available in Australia. View the grand Snowy Mountains, as you go on a white water rafting journey through High Country Forest and National Park. There are many options available throughout Australia, so if you would like to add rafting or black water rafting to your Luxury Adventures itinerary, please contact us.

Australian Rafting Rivers:

Derwent Rafting – Grade 1: This is a gentle trip, ideal for all ages. The banks are lined with weeping willow and occasional Blackwood and gum trees.

Picton Rafting – Grade 2: This river trip, in rainforest south west of Hobart, is one of the best ways to experience the Tasmanian bush.

Barron Rafting – Grade 1-2: Barron River located just outside Cairns, with a half day raft perfectly suited for the first time adventurer.

Tully Rafting – Grade 3-4: Even today we still raft the Mighty Tully River, because is regarded as the best rafting river across Australia and New Zealand.

North Johnstone Rafting – Grade 5: The North Johnstone is a steep, natural flow river that carves its way through a spectacular volcanic gorge.

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