Swimming with Dolphins New Zealand
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Swim with one of the world’s smallest and rarest dolphins – the Hector’s or New Zealand Dolphin is the worlds smallest and rarest dolphin and only found in NZ. It swims close to shore and can be seen around much of the South Island and some parts of the North Island. These dolphins frequent the sheltered Akaroa Harbour all year round.

Many other species of dolphins are found in New Zealand waters and you can get up close to these fascinating and highly social creatures, and you may also get to swim with them! Swimming with dolphins has been rated by visitors as one of the top tourism experiences in the country. Some dolphins you may encounter in New Zealand include the common, bottle-nosed, Dusky, and the rare Hector’s dolphin, which is found only in New Zealand. The bottle-nosed, which may measure over 3.5 metres in length, is one of the larger species. The Dusky dolphin is smaller (around 1.8 metres) and is very playful.

Great care is taken not to harm the dolphins, and some of the tour prices often goes towards dolphin conservation.

Dolphins and whales in New Zealand.

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