In Tahiti, surfing is one of the most popular activities in the water, with great surf breaks found all over the islands. Surfers flock to Tahiti from all over the globe to ride the magnificent waves. Here there are suitable breaks for everyone, learners and pros alike. On the northern coast of the island, you will find some good breaks at Matavai Point and Point Venus, while on the southern coast the popular breaks are Papara and Fisherman’s Point.

Tahiti’s position lends itself to a potential for year round surf with two seasons, summer from November to March, and winter from April to October. Summer swells are from the North arriving within days of hitting Hawaii. April to October winter storms off Antarctica and New Zealand generate strong and consistent south swell activity.

If you would like to include a surfing lesson in your itinerary to Tahiti, there are plenty of great surf schools located in Tahiti where boards and wetsuits are readily for hire. You will be hanging ten in no time! For experienced or professional surfers, top world class surfing can be found on Teuhupoo in Tahiti. This beach also holds the Billabong Pro Championships in May here every year.

Private tours and guides are also available for those wishing to personalise their experience and get the best waves possible.

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