Skydive Queenstown
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Your Queenstown skydiving experience starts at our meeting point located right in the heart of Queenstown at the NZONE Skydive Centre, 35 Shotover Street. This is your check-in point for the best skydive in Queenstown, following registration and a video briefing in our innovative cinema room, you can select your photo and video options. You will be transported to our drop zone just 20 minutes away on a private airstrip set amid a rural farmland background.


At our world-leading drop zone, you can see behind-the-scenes action taking place, learn the history of skydiving in New Zealand and beyond as well as meeting our excellent crew who get to experience the best place to skydive each and every day. In the viewing area, you will be able to see other skydivers both in the sky and coming into land. There are drinks and snacks available, toilets and a souvenir clothing and gifts store. We also have lockers to store your valuables while your’re off enjoying the best skydive in Queenstown.


Once you decide to #embracethefear with us at the best place to skydive in New Zealand. Our skydive host will assist you to gear up and you will be briefed by one of our Tandem Masters. Your flight to altitude will take you high above the Wakatipu basin, where you will have a birds eye view of our dramatic mountains and lakes.  Jumping directly above our drop zone you will experience freefall of up to 60 seconds before your Tandem Master deploys the parachute and together you glide back to earth. The canopy ride takes approximately 4-5 minutes.  Please allow 3 hours for the entire experience.


Take home the most comprehensive skydiving photo & video pack in New Zealand. Yours to take away on the day; relive and share your experience of the best skydive in Queenstown anytime. Take a look at some example customer photos and videos.

15,000 Ft Skydive:

  • Up to 60 seconds freefall!
  • At speeds of 200km/hour
  • 15-20 minute flight to altitude
  • 3-4 minute flight under canopy
  • Dramatic Queenstown scenery
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