Get ready for the World’s most exciting Jet Boat ride! Acknowledged as the World’s most famous Jet Boat operation, many imitate Shotover Jet – but for sheer excitement, no one comes close. Shotover Jet is the only company permitted to operate in the spectacular Shotover River Canyons. It’s a thrilling ride – skimming past rocky outcrops at close range in your Shotover Jet ‘Big Red’, as you twist and turn through the narrow canyons at breath taking speeds. And a major highlight – hold tight for the world famous Shotover Jet full 360º spins! Since 1970 over 2 million passengers have been thrilled by the unique Shotover Jet experience. Now it’s your turn!

The particular piece of the Shotover River in which we operate is situated less than 10 minutes drive from the centre of Queenstown and consists primarily of steep canyon walls, divided by the fast flowing river. The Shotover River Canyons have been carved over thousands of years by billions of tonnes of glacial water sluicing from the heart of the Southern Alps. The very grandeur of the river provides an element of excitement.

There are 2 sets of Canyons on the lower Shotover River and Shotover Jet is the only company permitted to operate in these spectacular Canyons, giving us a truly unique location and environment that you can not experience anywhere else.

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