Self guided Lake Wanaka kayaking trip
Lake Wanaka Kayaking

Come on down to our beach rental van and hire a kayak or a paddleboard within Roys Bay! The lake is super inviting and getting out on the water is a must-do in Wanaka. We have the options of 1hour, 2 hour and 3 hour rentals. You can visit one of the popular destinations. Check out famous #thatwanakatree , Eely Point, or Waterfall Creek (1 hour recommended), or visit Ruby Island for a picnic (2 hours recommended). Choose your own adventure. One of our friendly beach front crew will make sure you’ve got the equipment, knowledge and skills you need to have an epic paddle! Want to Escape Roy’s Bay? Got the knowledge and just need the gear? Check out our ‘Mission’ freedom rental – 4 hour kayak hire which includes a one-way drop off.

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