Poronui Lodge
Poronui Lodge, Taharua Valley

The 16,000 acre property is possibly the best fishing lodge New Zealand has to offer and has been a favored fishing and hunting ground for both ancient Maori tribes, and the English settlers since 1877. Today the trout fishing and hunting on Poronui Ranch are recognized as world class.

The landscape at Poronui Ranch is as varied as the sky is big. Crystal clear mountain water tumbles through forests of beech and native ferns, then twists its way through alpine meadows of wild grasses on the valley floor. In the summer months, as mayflies settle on the water’s surface, fishing becomes religion at Poronui Ranch.

Having heard the stories of the kind of giants to be caught fishing NZ, avid fly fishermen from all corners of the globe come to Poronui Ranch to test their skills against New Zealand’s notoriously large, and wily, brown and rainbow trout. They do it in an isolated and beautiful wilderness. Guests will discover uncrowded streams, home to incredibly large resident browns and rainbows, with angling opportunities to suit every preference or ability. The main lodge and seven individual guest cabins at Poronui Ranch have evolved from what was once a rustic fishing camp into luxurious world class accommodation. It is a purpose built facility that has been designed to meet the needs of the most discerning angler. The accommodation has been created with traditional fishing and hunting lodge atmosphere in mind, but also combines elements of modern luxury with wonderful style.

Guests usually meet for meals in the main lodge, and afterwards relax in comfort by the fire. Flies can be prepared for the following days’ angling at the fully equipped fly-tying bench. All our guest cabins have high bandwidth internet access through our reliable wireless network.

Luxurious Accommodation, excellent facilities for fishing, hiking, horseriding, mountainbike riding, shooting and rafting.
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Taharua Valley