The Luge is a fun ride for all ages. A World ‘First’ proudly designed and built in Rotorua, the Luge is a fun filled gravity ride on a 3 wheel cart. The unique braking and steering system provides the rider full control and allows them to travel as fast as they dare.

Luging is available in both Rotorua and Queenstown both course afford great view from scenic tracks with viewing bays at great locations for taking photographs allows a leisurely trip down whilst enjoying the panorama. And more advanced tracks that allow the more adventurous to enjoy the challenge of banked corners, a tunnel, bends and dips.

Fun for all ages with children under 6 being able to be carried in tandem. Riders return to the top of the luge on a specially designed chairlift. Twilight luging is also available.

Over 4 million riders have enjoyed the Luge ride experience to date. An instructional video is available prior to riding the Luge. The scenery’s a blur! Hurtle down a winding downhill track through the pine trees. Race through the bends, or pull in for a breather and enjoy the panorama from one of the stopping bays. Burn it up on the fast track or cruise sedately down the scenic track. Then hop on the chairlift and do it all again. The Luge successfully operates appealing to young and old alike.

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