Jet Boating New Zealand
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Jet boating is a great way to get an introduction to adventure. There are many jet boat rides through out New Zealand which will take you powering through narrow river gorges, almost brushing against sheer rock faces; or planing through mere centimetres of water navigating the water channels and shingle banks of braided rivers.

Jet boating is suitable for all ages and levels of fitness, and can be enjoyed the whole year round. Some of the most exhilarating jet boat trips are available near Queenstown and Canterbury. Other areas include rivers in the South Island\’s Buller and Makarora regions; and in the North Island, on the Rangitaiki River, the Whanganui River and the Waikato River below the Huka Falls. Trips that combine jet boating with helicopter, rafting and adventure tours are also available.

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