Hunting New Zealand
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For some of the finest trophy hunting in the world, come to New Zealand. Large animals hunted include several types of deer (including red, fallow and sika), chamois, thar, pigs and goats, all of which were introduced to New Zealand. In most cases hunting helps keep numbers in check and benefits the environment. Visitors should hire a professional guide, as New Zealand\’s forests and mountains are physically demanding, the high country weather unpredictable, and local knowledge essential for a successful hunt. Read our blog about Hunting at Stravon New Zealand.

Two sorts of hunting are offered: in the wild and safari ranch hunts. Safari hunting is designed for those seeking trophy heads and guaranteed success. We have an excellent knowledge of, and access to New Zealands most preeminent safari parks such as Treetops Estate. New Zealand also offers fine waterfowl and upland game-bird hunting. Read our blog about Hunting at Spray Point Station, Marlborough.


Wapiti Deer: Wapiti, also known as North American Elk live mainly in the steep, dense isolated bush of Fiordland and Unless you are a very fit person you should forget hunting a wapiti within Fiordland! Wapiti are available on most of New Zealands game reserves and grow to impressive trophies.

Red Deer: Reds are prolific throughout most of the country and can be hunted at any time of the year without licenses or permits, although a hunting permit is required to hunt on D.O.C. (Department of Conservation land). Red stags are most active during the ‘Roar’ (the rutting season) and subsequently this is the most exciting time (usually mid April) to hunt them. The small number of game reserves in New Zealand have large trophy heads with success guaranteed.

Sika Deer: Sika have a distinct liking for dense scrub and are very difficult to hunt. Like the other deer in New Zealand , their antlers exceed almost anything grown in their home country and are also considered to be one of the most cunning of all deer species.

Rusa Deer: The Rusa occupy a small area within the Urewera National park and every year several good trophies are taken. They are best hunted during the roar which for these deer is August.

Sambar Deer: The Sambar deers natural habitat is confined to a relatively small area north of Wellington and they are best hunted during August to October (their rutting season). Due to their low numbers they are now under protection and subject to a ballot permit system. Trophy heads are available within some of New Zealands game reserves – such as Treetops.

Whitetail Deer: The home of the Whitetail Deer in New Zealand is Stewart island at the bottom of the South Island. They do not grow trophy heads equal to those of the USA however, trophies are available within selected game reserves.

Fallow Deer: These deer originated from the United Kingdom and from those bloodline releases some exceptional trophies are to be had. They inhabit several areas of both the North and South islands but are particularly prolific around Woodhill Forest. Most good trophies are shot from Safari parks.

Thar: The Himalayan Thar is found high in the mountains of the Central South Island. The best time to hunt Thar is between May & June when their coats are in pristine condition. Trophy heads are amongst the best available in the world.

Chamois: The Austrian Chamois is well established throughout the mountainous South Island and is best hunted in May & June when trophies are world class.

Goat: The New Zealand Goat can be found almost anywhere with their numbers reaching near epidemic proportions. They grow horns up to forty-five inches in spread and make a desirable addition to any trophy collection.

Wild Pig: Know as the ‘Captain Cooker’, these stout pigs are a challenging adversary and make for an exciting hunt, especially in the New Zealand Bush. Trophy heads are available in Selected Safari Parks.

Wild Sheep: As you can imagine sheep are not hard to find in NZ, however wild sheep and in particular trophy heads are increasingly harder to find these days, except on game reserves. They come in two colours either black or white.

Upland Game:

Wild Turkey

If you would like more information on the many hunting options available in New Zealand please contact us.

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