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Hukafalls Jet Boating - Taupo
Hukafalls Jet Boat Ride

The exhilarating power of the Hukafalls Jet is an experience you will never forget. You’ll marvel at the incredible water-level views of the spectacular Huka Falls as you slide past cliffs and trees at an incredible 80km an hour in one of our state of the art jet boats. Then get ready for our trademark 360 degree spin as the boat turns on its own length, leaving you with a beaming smile and a heart pumping with adrenaline.

The manoeuvrability of the Hukafalls Jet boat is legendary, you’ll be in awe at the speed and precision in which you torpedo gracefully down the river to play in the tail of the mighty white water of the Huka Falls. You will pass by clouds of steam rising where a hot stream joins the river, you will see the Huka Prawn Park, the Wairakei Geo-Thermal Power Station and the Aratiatia Dam. You will zoom past sheer rock cliffs with just centimetres to spare, exhilarated and secure in the knowledge that your driver is an expert and that you’re enjoying the most thrilling ride of your life.

  • Hukafalls Jet will provide life jackets. These are mandatory.
  • Hukafalls Jet is a weather dependent activity and we have the right to cancel any trip as a result of weather conditions; a full refund will be given in such circumstances.

The only thing that stops us is heavy rain (makes it hard for the drivers to see where they’re going, and plus at 80km/hr, rain on your face hurts). Even if it does rain on the day you visit, chances are,  it won’t last all day so you should be able to get you out on a ride.  We do recommend that you come prepared in winter, with a woolly hat, sunglasses, and warm jacket.  Also, don’t forget your small digital camera for that must have snap of the Huka Falls from below.

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