Hot Air Ballooning Australia
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Australia offers some of the most spectacular scenery from above. From the first preparations of inflating the balloon to touchdown, the pleasure of this ancient sport will delight your senses. Once you’re up in the air, you can simply relax and enjoy a bird’s eye view of the surrounding scenery as your balloon follows the breeze. Ballooning is suitable for all sorts of people, making it possible for families with children over the age of five to have an adventure together, within a safe environment. Taking off at sunrise allows you to enjoy the beginning of your day in an original and memorable way, and still be able to fit in the rest of your busy itinerary.

Hot air balloon operators can be found at eleven locations from Alice Springs to Tasmania. In Alice Springs, you will find yourself drifting above the desert land of the Northern Territory and looking out towards the mighty Ayres Rock. Other flights will take you above lush farmland areas, where you’ll see a rich tapestry of different crops, forests and towns, spliced with rivers and highways and dotted with lakes. In the Hunter Valleys, the imposing Blue Mountains present an impressive snow-capped backdrop for hot air balloons drifting above the sprawling patchwork of New South Wales.

For a touch of romantic adventure, try a peaceful flight in a hot air balloon – simply talk to us about including ballooning in your itinerary.

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