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Hapuku Lodge + Tree House Kaikoura
Hapuku Lodge + Tree House - Kaikoura

Hapuku Lodge + Tree Houses is a contemporary country hotel located on a deer breeding farm in the South Island of New Zealand, 12 kilometres North of the renowned eco-marine town of Kaikoura. It sits snugly at the base of the Kaikoura Seaward Mountain Range, with the Kaikoura coast and famed Mangamaunu Bay only a kilometre to the east. The Lodge provides luxurious accommodation on Kaikoura’s rugged coastline, a place for guests to relax in its intimate indoor/outdoor setting and a place from which they can explore the larger maritime landscape of Kaikoura.

Kaikoura, with its unparalleled marine life and spectacular landscapes, is one of the world’s premier eco-marine tourism destinations. Indeed, National Geographic has called Kaikoura “A maritime Serengeti” and “a Sea World without Walls”. As a consequence, there is a lot to see and do, both on land and at sea.

The area offers visitors a number of cultural, outdoor and culinary options. Within the Kaikoura district there is bird-watching, hiking, mountain biking, golf, and lama trekking.

Kaikoura is home to a permanent population of bachelor sperm whales, which can be visited just a few kilometers offshore. Dolphins and seals are a permanent presence, as is the giant albatross, the largest sea bird in the world, and many smaller ocean bird species. In fact, to swim with Kaikoura’s dusky dolphins or fur seals is, in our opinion, one of the most enthralling experiences one can have anywhere. There are a number of boat tours available to place the visitor into close contact with an astounding variety of mammals and birds. If being on the water is unappealing, there are aerial viewing tours available by plane or helicopter from the Lodge, in town or at the local airport;  these small aircraft provide close views from the sky of all of Kaikoura’s marine activity.

While there are many things to do in the wider Kaikoura district, at the Lodge and within its environs there is plenty to do if a guest is so inclined.

One can try one’s skill at country and mountain biking with the Lodge’s mountain bikes (and helmets). A variety of walks can be taken from the Lodge, from short to long, beach to bush, with a picnic basket if desired, including a botanical tour of the local native bush. An ocean fishing trip can be arranged, which can include the opportunity to catch a crayfish.

One can enjoy our mineral system pool which is heated all year round and graded A for energy efficiency. The minerals are a blend of potassium and magnesium – no chlorine! They provide many benefits, particularly for skin and hair and for those who are deficient in either/both.

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1115 State Highway 1, Hapuku 7371