Glow Worm Caves New Zealand
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Journey underground on a subterranean adventure through limestone chambers and passages. Be suspended in awe and silence, surrounded by cave decorations and a galaxy of tiny living lights. As you glide quietly beneath the lights of thousands of glowworms, it is only the gentle sound of dripping water that reminds you that you are deep underground and not beneath a star filled sky.

Waitomo Glowworm Caves: At the Waitomo Caves in the North Island, the highlight of your tour is an unrivalled boat trip through the spectacular Glowworm Grotto. As your eyes adjust to the dark, the walls and roof sparkle with the lights of glowworm larvae. Glide silently through the starry wonderland of the glowworm grotto, your way lit by a myriad of tiny glowworm lights glittering, and reflecting off the water. Your experienced tour guide will deliver a highly informative commentary about the formations and the history of the area. The cave is easily accessible to those with reasonable mobility, with good handrails and paths.

Kawiti Glowworms Caves: You will have heard of the Waitomo glowworm Caves pictured above and granted they are spectacular, but if you’re after a less touristy, more authentic experience, or your planned route doesn’t take you near Waitomo the Kawiti Caves are an excellent option. Located only 20 mins from Paihia in the Waiomio Valley, near the Bay of Islands the Kawiti cave formations and glowworms are a spectacular sight. The 30 minute guided tour will follows a wooden boardwalk through a 200 metre limestone cave system. Once inside, you’ll see thousands of glow worms spread across the ceiling surrounded by breath taking stalactites and stalagmites. The caves are open everyday expect christmas day from 9am – 4pm.

Te Anau this Glowworm Caves: For the South Island from Te Anau this Glowworm Cave adventure begins with a scenic cruise across Lake Te Anau to the western side of the lake. Upon arrival there is time to view informative displays at Cavern House before our friendly guides invite you to accompany them underground in small groups. As you explore by path and small boat, your senses will be overwhelmed. Observe how the rushing water sculpts the rock formations, before gliding through silent darkness to the glowworm grotto. The delicate incandescence of thousands of tiny glowworms is a magical sight.

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This is a fascinating experience that we can include in your Luxury Adventures travel itinerary!

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