Food & Wine Fiji
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Discover Fiji’s lively food scene with a range of cooking classes, and culinary tours where you’ll taste the best of local food and wine that will delight your tastebuds. Interact with like-minded locals, meet top food professionals, and unearth culinary treasures. To see behind the scenes and experience people and places hidden from most visitors. Explore Fiji through its food and people with a range of personalised tours with the local people. Fiji is home to a rich culture of people, and this is reflected in the wealth of cuisine available.

From fresh fruit and vegetables to freshly baked breads, oysters, fresh seafood and much more their will certainly be something to whet your appetite! We have a range of options available throughout Fiji and can tailor a gastronomic experience where you’ll sample the freshest Australia produce and enjoy the finest ingredients in true Fiji style. Contact us about including a tour in your Luxury Adventures travel package and include a vacation of sampling delicacies, indulging in stunning luxury accommodation and seeing many sights along the way.

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