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Warm water, ultra deep ocean and a labyrinth of reefs and passages make Fiji an exciting place to fish. Game fish caught here include Wahoo (probably the fastest fish in the ocean), Sail Fish and Marlin (legendary for their fighting tactics), Barracuda (Fiji holds the world record), Giant Trevally, Tuna and MahiMahi (beautiful colours, strong fighting and delicious to eat). Fighting one of these heavyweight tropical speedsters is a fantastic experience. Fishing in FIJI is favoured all year round. There is simply great fishing for everyone! All methods of game fishing are available in Fiji.

Best months to target gamefish in Fiji:

Wahoo: All months
Sail Fish and Marlin: All months, best Nov – Feb
Giant Trevally: All months
Tuna: All months, best May – Sept
MahiMahi: Dec – Jan and Jun – Aug

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