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Double Island Luxury Resort
Double Island Resort, Great Barrier Reef

Double Island provides a tantalising mix of privacy, luxury, beauty and exclusivity which combine to create the ideal setting and ambience for those enjoying the rewards of their efforts, far away from life’s day-to-day distractions.
For those wanting more than just relaxation Double Island Luxury Resort provides the choice of island-based or mainland activities, being just 10 minutes from Palm Cove.

Key features of Double Island include:

Unique Island – few people in the world have the opportunity to stay at Double Island. This is because you must rent the entire island – not just a room – to be able to stay there. For most Double Island is little more than a dream, making it the ultimate location for weddings, milestone birthdays, conferences and senior management workshops. As an incentive, the possibility of staying on Australia’s most exclusive private island is a powerful motivator.
Unforgettable Experience – Keanu Reeves referred to his stay on Double Island as ‘a life-changing experience’. Guests leave Double Island wanting to stay longer and wondering can they return.
Beauty and Freedom – Imagine being in a state of total relaxation, surrounded by lush tropical gardens, or on a beautiful private beach. Or enjoying a banquet on the waterside deck with the tranquil sound of the Coral Sea lapping gently against the beach, and views of Palm Cove and the stunning mainland coastal ranges providing a breathtaking backdrop. Being the only guests on Double Island you have a blank canvas to create the perfect setting for the ultimate reward.

Heated resort pool and outdoor spa, located in the centre of the resort complex, adjacent to the Long Room where conferences can be held, the restaurant and bar area. Games Room complex features a quiet library room; computer and Internet access; indoor cinema complete with 52in plasma screen TV and surround sound system; and a large games room with pool and table tennis tables and computer game stations, outdoor cinema, gymnasium,
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Double Island, Queensland