Tahiti offers some of the best Scuba Diving in the World. Rangiroa Atoll in the Tuamotu Group is the major attraction for divers with favourable tidal flows attracting many marine species and several excellent drift dives including the famous Tiputa Pass. Other good dive sites include the North west coast of Moorea where you’ll find plenty of sharks, sting rays and lots of marine species. The main island of Tahiti has lots of scuba diving opportunities with some fantastic deep holes and caves for experienced divers off Tahiti-Iti and more tranquil lagoons abounding in small marine life off the West coast which is excellent for beginners (and conveniently close to the large hotel chains).

For those interested in pelagics, head to the remote Marquesas where the islands are devoid of coral reefs but drop dramatically into the ocean to great depths. Melon-headed whales are very common off the islands. Contact us about adding a dive trip to your Luxury Adventures travel itinerary or if you would like us to tailor a complete dive vacation.

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