Diving Australia
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Australia has some of the most diverse dive location in the world and this site tries to give you detailed information about a large number of those locations. Australian scuba diving can be done in such amazing locations as the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland, to giant kelp forests in the cold waters of Tasmania. Australian scuba diving has some of the best wreck dives in the world as well as action packed shark cage diving amongst the Great White Sharks of South Australia. Australian diving has something for everybody, no matter what certification level they may be, from Open Water right through to deep Trimix and cave diving and rebreather divers.

Australia is undoubtedly unique. With over 35,000km’s of magnificent coastline, we have superb diving in the tropical waters of the world renowned Great Barrier Reef and northern Western Australia, as well as brilliant temperate diving in the southern states and Tasmania. Both tropical and temperate marine life are found in the Solitary Islands off northern New South Wales, popular Byron Bay near the Queensland border, and the fabulous Abrolhos Islands on the west coast off Geraldton.

Great Barrier Reef dive examples:

Lizard Island: Ask any marine enthusiast about the ultimate Great Barrier Reef experience and undoubtedly they’ll boast of the splendour of Lizard Island. Located in the heart of the world’s most renowned and spectacular reef system, this majestic little paradise lies amongst the crème de la crème of dive locations world wide. Renowned for its water clarity and amazing variety of coral species and marine life, Lizard Island attracts divers from all oceans of the globe. Situated 240 kilometres north of Cairns and 28km from Cape Flattery on the North Queensland coast, the island is fringed by a coral nirvana of colourful gardens, giant clams, dynamic marine life and 24 powdery white beaches. With a tropical climate and an average year-round temperature of approximately 27 degrees Celsius, divers are rewarded with conditions perfect for exploring its magical underwater wonderland. Lizard boasts a myriad of up to 200 different species of reef fish, together with 300 different species of coral. But perhaps the most special attraction of diving at Lizard is the world famous Cod Hole. Visited by our dive boat almost every second day on the Outer Reef Trip, this special dive site is home to Cuddles, Grumpy and Delicious, 3 playful yet dopey looking potato cod. Massive in size, and with a child like curiosity towards divers, they fascinate all that swim across their path.

Heron Island: Bound by dazzling aquamarine waters, caster sugar sands and rainbow splashed coral reefs. One of the few coral cays, right on the world heritage listed Great Barrier Reef, at Heron you can dive straight off the beach into an endless underwater extravaganza of colour and marine life. Heron is located 72 kilometres NE off the coast from Gladstone, central Queensland. With a tropical climate that boasts an average year round temperature of 27 degrees and water visibility that reaches up to 30 meters in the winter, divers can be assured that they will experience the full kaleidoscope of marine life that the reef has to offer. Although renowned for the three types of sleepy sea turtles that reside at Heron, the reef is a buzz with life of all forms. With Black and White Tip Reef Sharks, Fusilier, Drummer and Yellowtail, Clown Fish, Manta Rays, Maori Wrass, Moray Eels, Crayfish, Queensland Blue Groper, Nudibranchs, Wobbygong Sharks, Strawberry Hussars and Eagle Rays, the traffic on the reef can sometimes get little congested!

The Whitsunday Islands: The Whitsundays offers a wealth of scuba diving options, whether you are an experienced diver seeking out new sites or a keen novice wanting to gain new skills. There are 74 islands sprinkled across the sapphire blue seas of the Whitsundays – most are uninhabited, pristine national parks. A variety of day cruises offer diving on the reef or join one of the dive expedition boats from tallships to luxury launches for a few days of cruising the Whitsundays and diving on the Great Barrier Reef.

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