Crystalbrook Lodge
Crystalbrook Lodge, Port Douglas

This secret outback mecca for nature lovers and keen fishermen is an oasis of luxury perched over the spectacular Crystalbrook Lake. A sanctuary to a staggering range of wildlife including birds, freshwater crocodiles and fish, you can spend your days on the lake or riverside, exploring the bush wilderness or just enjoying the stillness and serenity of the outback in the lodge’s private manicured grounds. Enjoy elegant outdoor dining overlooking the lake with a menu featuring the best of the rich local produce of the region. Crystalbrook Lodge is in remote outback bush 180km west of Cairns and is part of the 85,000 acre Crystalbrook Station. Days are typically warm with crystal clear blue skies and the evenings cool with spectacular outback sunsets fading into brilliant starry nights where the Southern Cross and the Milky Way light the sky. Fly over spectacular rugged outback for the 1 hour flight by helicopter or 40 minutes by charter flight (ex Cairns) to Crystalbrook\’s own airstrip. The lodge caters to a maximum of 10 guests in 5 courtyard suites. Be as active as you feel like, or simply relax poolside. Your host will help you choose your day\’s adventures, perhaps visit the classic old Crystalbrook Station homestead and cattle yards which is still the working hub of the property for afternoon tea on the verandah take an electric boat or kayak to explore the lake, full of fish and wildlife wander along bush trails for a nature walk, birdwatchers will love the plentitude of water birds as well as sightings of goannas, kangaroos, and maybe a herd of wild brumbies heli fishing at river fishing sites where Barramundi are big but shy, and a thrill to catch an expedition by helicopter into Chillagoe, one of the most diverse geological areas in the world- to see the extraordinary Mungana Rock Art, limestone caves followed by lunch at the quintessentially Aussie pub Take a picnic lunch riverside by the Tate River … or just relax by the Magna wet edge pool – rich in health giving magnesium salts. By evening … enjoy the Theatre Room where you can view the day’s photos over a glass of wine, watch a movie or documentary or just relax in the lounge … Better still, thrill yourself outside watching falling stars under one of the clearest evening skies in the world. You can communicate with the outside world with phone and internet, but only if you want to! Powered primarily by hydro and solar, the lodge is self sufficient in water and electricity for normal 240v for amenities such as air conditioning, hair dryer, icemaker & guest bar.

Outdoor dining overlooking the lake is a highlight; simply prepared and seasonally available fruit and vegetables from the Atherton Tablelands feature on the menu along with Grass-fed Eye Fillet and Wild Barramundi. Help yourself to the guest bar, fully stocked with excellent wines, beers, spirits and a range of waters and non-alcoholic drinks. The guest Nespresso and Tea bar is available 24 hours a day.
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Port Douglas, Australia