Caving Australia
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There are underground adventures for all interests and cavers of all levels with deep caving to beautiful limestone formations scattered throughout. Experienced cavers claim The South Pacific caves are up there with the best caving systems in the world.

Experience caving to the extreme, abseil 100m into hard to get to nooks and crannies, before heading off upstream, walking, swimming and climbing through cathedral-sized vaults. See waterfalls, fossil oysters and whalebones, as well as untold glow worms. Emerge several hours later and head back to your accommodation for a well-earned dinner. Most locations have a network of more difficult caves for more experienced and confident cavers.

If you’re staying in Sydney consider the Jenolan Caves which are the largest and claimed to be most spectacular caves in Australia (located in the Blue Mountains). Contact us for more information about including this caving trip in your bespoke travel itinerary.

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