Canyoning / Spelunking Tahiti
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Canyoning is like being at a water park in native bush riding nature’s giant hydro slides! Take on the challenge of this unique water and rock adventure and you will find yourself plunging down water-polished chutes and abseiling waterfalls. Prepare to get very, very wet as you climb, swim, slide and float through the spectacular and mysterious green worlds of sculptured rock and sparkling, crashing cascades.

Discover the many waterfalls and other secret canyons that can be found in Tahiti and some Polynesians high islands (Raiatea, Moorea, Marquesas, Australs). Many waterfalls, some exceeding 100 m in height, numerous still unexplored canyons carved through basalt “organs”, some of which end directly in the bays, near lagoons, etc. Tahiti indeed features a number of, often unexplored waterways and canyons waiting to be discovered. South of Tahiti lie the Austral Islands that are rarely visited but very beautiful. These remote islands offer some good spelunking opportunities as well as some excellent whale watching.

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