Bungy Jumping Australia
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Leaping from high places with a cord attached to your ankle has long been a traditional activity in Vanuatu, but kiwi entrepreneurs AJ Hackett and Henry van Asch have taken this thrilling activity to new extremes.

Simply strap a ‘rubber band’ to your ankles and take a daredevil leap from platforms around the country and the world. Welcome to the home of bungy – the activity that’s been called the ‘quickest personal growth experience ever’. The tower dominates the pristine jungle with it\’s powerful presence. The 50 metre high Cairns Bungy Tower is situated 15 km north of Cairns & is surrounded by lush tropical rainforest with panoramic views out to The Great Barrier Reef. For over 17 years this tower of power has been the ultimate altar on which to sacrifice one’s fear. Hundreds of thousands of people from just about every nation on earth have made the pilgrimage to this Bungy Mecca.

People jump for all sorts of reasons, to be able to say I did it, to wear the shirt or to impress your friends. All noble reasons, but the best reason to jump is still to face your fears, and conquer them. To push yourself past the sweaty palms and the pit in your stomach to accomplish something you never dreamed you could do. So come on out, show us where your personal fear barrier is and we will help you break through to the other side…

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