Arkaba Station
Arkaba Station, Flinders Ranges

Arkaba Station in South Australia’s Flinders Ranges is true luxury in the outback. Arkaba is nestled in the Fliders Ranges, one of the most accessible outback destinations in Australia. It is a 60,000 acre sheep station surrounded by truley picturesque scenery. With sandstone bluffs and dry creek beds lined with River Red Gums it is picture perfect.
The fiver bedroom homestead offers a slice of luxury and comfort as part of your memorable experience. There is so much to do at Arkaba station. During your stay perhaps enjoy a 4WD trip through breathtaking scenery, drive through Gorges and along knife edge ridge tops.
Wildlife is abundant at Arkaba, commonly seen are emus, a variety of birdlige, Red and Grey Kangaroos, and for the more intrepid walkers a couple of colonies of Yellow-footed Rock Wallabies reside in the Elder Range. Other activities include Mountain biking & sheep shearing in the woolshed (seasonal). Scenic flights and hot air balooning are also available for those wishing to take in the beauty from above.

The rooms are air conditioned, each with an ensuite and all have access to the verandah.A comfortable library with deep leather armchairs and a large stone fireplace provides some seclusion for enjoying a quiet drink and a good book, while dinner is hosted on the terrace overlooking the ranges and a cosy fire. Our pool overlooks the Arkaba Creek and provides areas for relaxing in the midday heat of the summer months. An open bar with a selection of beverages is available to guests.
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