Lost World Epic, Waitomo Caves

The vast majority of caves in New Zealand are formed in limestone, or in its metamorphic variety, marble. Other than this, there are some lava caves. formed in volcanic rocks as they cool, principally in and around Auckland city.

New Zealand has underground adventures for all interests and cavers of all levels with deep caving to beautiful limestone formations scattered throughout the country. Experienced cavers claim New Zealand’s caves are up there with the best caving systems in the world.

Waitomo Caves - Lost World: One of the most popular North Island caving experiences is at the Waitomo Caves, which offers an easily accessible caving experience with their limestone formations and glow-worms. Abseil 100m into Lost World THEN take the WET way out! This is the most dramatic abseil of its kind in the world. The descent takes around 10-15 minutes, it's truly awesome! Once down, lunch is served before heading off upstream, walking, swimming and climbing through cathedral-sized vaults. See waterfalls, fossil oysters and whalebones, as well as untold glow worms. Emerge several hours later and head back to Waitomo. It also has a network of more difficult caves for more experienced and confident cavers.

Waitomo Caves - Haggas Honking Holes: This is Waitomo’s most concentrated Action Adventure. Feel like Indiana Jones in a washing machine. Do a series of abseils, rock climbs, crawling and cruising as you explore this fabulous cave. Haggas Honking Holes is very exciting fast moving action. It’s an adventure that crams lots of action into only 4 hours. See unique formations and glowworms close up. Participants should be fit and brave but no prior experience is required. Full training & equipment is supplied. Allow 4 hours for this trip, including 2 hours underground. Emerge over 2 hours later and enjoy a hot shower before heading back to Waitomo. Rambo Rating: 8/10, Glowworm Rating: 6/10.

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