Vatulele Island Resort, Fiji

Accommodation Type: Resort
Number of rooms: 19

The development of a perfect tropical escape was the vision of Emmy-award winning Australian television producer Henry Crawford, and Martin Livingston a fifth generation European Fijian, hotelier. In September 2006 Vatulele Island Resort was named "Fiji's Leading Resort" at the World Travel Awards (voted by 167,000 travel agents). Vatulele Island Resort (pronounced ‘Vah-too-lay-lay’), is located on a spectacular island in the Fiji group. Vatulele Resort is 'all inclusive' and accommodates just 19 couples who are pampered by 110 staff.

In keeping with the owner's philosophy, there are no TV's, newspapers, telephones, money transactions or shoes. Vatulele Island Resort is generally acknowledged as one of the most outstanding 'bare-foot' luxury resorts in the world, and is well known for its amazing weddings as well as scuba diving. Vatulele Island Resort has been designed to ensure that your stay is carefree from the moment you arrive on the island. You don’t need to tip, you don’t need formal dress and even footwear is optional at all times.

Facilities: Restaurants & bars, swimming pool, fitness centre, tennis courts, beach volleyball, Maru spa, tennis, volleyball, snorkeling, outrigger canoeing,scuba-diving and deep-sea fishing.


Destination: Vatulele Island, Fiji

Official website: Vatulele Luxury Resort