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When visiting New Zealand and Australia the climates can be quite diverse between destinations and this can make it a little tricky when it comes to packing. Hopefully the below is of some help. For further information take a look at our FAQ pages on the Luxury Adventures Website or of course you can always call us regarding your booking or intended vacation.

If you are visiting New Zealand and Australia in spring or autumn, lighter layers are highly recommended, as the weather can be changeable at this time of year, especially in New Zealand.

For those traveling throughout Australia in the cooler months of June – Sept, it is recommended you pack warmer clothing for traveling in NSW, VIC and SA – for those visiting the Great Barrier Reef and Northern Queensland, we recommend light layers for the cooler months, as the temperatures vary here from mild to quite warm days. New Zealand’s winter is also usually a cold one, especially for those in the South Island, snow and ice is common here during winter, so dress warm!

In the summer, Australia experiences very warm weather and sun protection is a must along with light clothing, sun hats and the necessary precautions. If you are visiting the northern areas of Queensland, a light rain jacket may come in handy, as rain showers are common here in the summer months. Although the temperatures aren’t as hot in New Zealand, the sun can be deceivingly harsh, so again, sun protection is a must for November – March in New Zealand. In both Australia and New Zealand a light jacket or sweater should be included in your luggage should you visit the high country or enjoy a hike in the mountains, or go out on the water etc in the summer.

As for the “dress code” in most places there isn’t a strict one and on most occasions informal and relaxed is the way to go. In restaurants and bars, smart casual clothes are perfectly fine. Aside from the very formal restaurants and bars, men are not expected to wear suits and/or ties. At a couple of lodges such as Kauri Cliffs and Wharekauhau in New Zealand, there is a requirement for the gentlemen to wear a dinner jacket during the evening meal. If you don’t wish to pack your own there is a selection for you to choose from for the evening meal here.

Tony Townley is a luxury lifestyle specialist and owner of Luxury Adventures. Talk to us about planning your next visit to New Zealand, Australia or the South Pacific Islands.

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