The longest direct flight in New Zealand is from Auckland to Queenstown this is 2 hours. Shorter flights are also readily available such as the flight from Auckland to Rotorua taking only 40mins and the Christchurch to Queenstown flight only takes 1 hour. So it is very easy to fly around the country visiting lots of destinations during your vacation.

You can visit New Zealand at any time of the year. Summer and winter temperatures vary by only about 10°C (50°F) over most of the country, making New Zealand an ideal holiday destination all year round. There are 4 quite distinct seasons – Spring (Sept-Nov), Summer (Dec-Feb), Autumn/Fall (Mar-May) and Winter (June-Aug). In summer there’s plenty of sunshine, and activities in and around the water include Fishing (saltwater, freshwater and big game) mountain biking, Scuba diving, golf and hunting. In fact just about any thing you can imagine! You’ll find snow on the mountains in winter and excellent skiing. Away from the mountains, New Zealand winters are mild and temperatures generally do not fall below freezing.