Tongariro voted among 10 best parks in the world

Lonely Planet has voted the Tongariro National Park among the 10 best parks in the world, and in my opinion deservedly so! As mentioned in previous blog posts the Tongariro region is a mecca for outdoor activities, including skiing, walking the famous ‘Tongariro Crossing’, mountain biking, fishing, the ‘Old Coach Road’ and more, not to mention the breathtaking and diverse scenery throughout.

Tony Townley is a luxury travel specialist and owner of Luxury Adventures.

Tony Townley

Tony Townley is a luxury lifestyle specialist and owner of Luxury Adventures based in Auckland, New Zealand. With over 20 years of experience in the luxury travel industry I have an excellent understanding of the accommodations, experiences and destinations on offer. When not working or spending time with my family I can be found indulging in my love of the outdoors, food, wine and travel - mountain biking, skiing, fishing, diving and hiking.

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