Archipels cruise, Tahiti

Accommodation Type: Resort
Number of rooms: 4

A large panoramic, well ventilated living room/lounge includes a dining area, lounge, bar and navigation area. Four self-contained, air-conditioned passenger cabins with bathroom are designed for eight passengers. The warm feeling created by the woodwork and leatherwork as well as a carefully done decoration add to the pleasure of being aboard. Each catamaran has a team of one skipper and one chef-hostess, occasionally assisted by a guide. Both are experienced sailor and hotelier and will also be your guides for the cruise. Obviously, boat handling and safety is left entirely to the crew. However, if you love sailing or dream to learn how to sail, you may take the wheel, send the mainsail up or ask the skipper to tell you a few of his secrets.

Facilities: On the deck, 130 square meters of useful surface – a large cockpit-outside dining area sheltered from the sun. Two large "trampoline/sunbathing areas" at the front of the boat, deck cushions and mattresses, - each hull has transom steps for easy access to/from the water.

Destination: Tahiti

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