The Point, Vatulele, Fiji

Accommodation Type: Resort
Number of rooms: 1

The Point at Vatulele Island Resort is an amazing 2 person cliff top villa with a great view of the lagoon and entire beach. It has been built on two levels and has two beautiful private fresh water pools. The Point has a wonderful terrace and a cool, spacious and stylishly decorated interior. It is ideally suited to guests seeking total privacy as it is situated away from all the other villas. Whilst staying at The Point on Vatulele Island resort, you will be looked after by your own dedicated personal staff. It really is the ultimate in luxury and privacy!

Vatulele Island Resort is well recognised for its food, ranging from Californian to Thai, Japanese, Asian and Indian. It is also the only five star island resort in Fiji with a PADI dive facility and resident instructors, and the quality of the scuba diving sites are one of the South Pacific’s best kept secrets. Vatulele Island Resort(pronounced ‘Vah-too-lay-lay’), is located on a spectacular island in the Fiji group. The resort is 'all inclusive' and accommodates just 19 couples who are pampered by 110 staff. In keeping with the owner's philosophy, there are no TV's, newspapers, telephones, money transactions or shoes. Vatulele Island Resort is generally acknowledged as one of the most outstanding 'bare-foot' luxury resorts in the world, and is well known for its unique weddings as well as amazing scuba diving.

Facilities: Two private pools, private terrace, two full time permanent staff, large lounge/living area, ensuite bathroom, air conditioning


•Luxury Travel Magazine – One of the Worlds Ultimate Hotels
•Fortune Magazine - #2 Barefoot Resort

Destination: Vatulele, Fiji