Dart River Safaris

Welcome to Dart River Safaris. It's our pleasure to take you on a journey of rare and special beauty into the pristine wilderness of a World Heritage Area, deep into the heart of Mt Aspiring National Park, in the Southern Alps of New Zealand.

Your Dart River experience has a magnificent backdrop. Snow capped mountains range over a glacial valley, blanketed by ancient forest, it's breathtaking. There are two unique Dart River Safari experiences, The Dart River Safari and The Funyaks

The Dart River Safari: You'll jetboat deep into the pristine wilderness up a stunning aquamarine "braided" glacial river, beneath magnificent snow capped peaks mountains, and walk amongst ancient beech forest. The most scenic Jet Boating in New Zealand. A 1½ hour ride along the Dart River amongst towering mountains and the refreshingly beautiful wilderness of the Mt Aspiring National Park. Then take a short and easy walk, of 20-40 minutes, through ancient forests, unchanged for 80 million years. Hear an informative and entertaining commentary on the area and its history – including the quest by early Maori for highly prized pounamu (greenstone).

Funyaks: You'll travel by jetboat to the upper part of the Dart River, and then at your own pace paddle downstream, exploring some of the many safe and intriguing chasms and byrnes along the way down. Jet boat for 1¼ hours to the upper reaches of the Dart River, where visitors disembark and inflate their own canoe. After a full safety and paddling instruction, your Funyak journey begins. Paddle downstream on a glacier feed river amidst rocky peaks and dense rainforests. Enjoy a wilderness buffet lunch and explore the Rock Burn Chasm and ancient beech forests. Paddle to Paradise then transfer to an awaiting back road coach for the return trip through Paradise.

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