Canyoning Spelunking Piha, Auckland

Canyoning is like being at a water park in New Zealand native bush riding nature's giant hydro slides! Take on the challenge of this unique water and rock adventure and you will find yourself plunging down water-polished chutes and abseiling waterfalls. Prepare to get very, very wet as you climb, swim, slide and float through the spectacular and mysterious green worlds of sculptured rock and sparkling, crashing cascades.

Auckland: To give you a taste of these adventures; In Auckland at Piha, you start your canyon experience... over the 90 metre cascading Kitekite Falls; abseiling under showering waterfalls separated by tranquil pools of blues and greens. Jumps, caves and slides will be your means to explore a canyon rich with the historic pioneering logging dams of 100 years ago! Best of all, all the caves and jumps are optional – you choose the level of adventure for yourself! A no-rush explore at your own pace adventure to gain access to hidden pools and mysterious water sculptured gorges. The beauty of the canyon almost defies description!

Wanaka: This stunning canyon adventure has an amazing water carved ravine that descends over 600 metres from the bushline to the Wilkin River Valley. It is north facing (sunny), overhung with native forest, full of incredibly clear water and deep green pools. Its descent requires the use of many different techniques; big abseils down charging waterfalls mix it up with a series of adrenalising jumps. Whether sliding down perfectly formed water chutes, climbing through a surreal hidden landscape or floating through crystal pools, it’s pretty much one thing after another… The scenery is jaw dropping, the fun and action is non-stop. The day starts with a helicopter flight to the top of the canyon. A full days canyoning (usually about six hours) is then capped off with an exhilarating half hour jet boat ride along the glorious Wilkin River. This takes us back to our start point at Makarora township on the edge of Mount Aspiring National Park. This is ultimate satisfaction adventure in a sensational wilderness situation and you wont see anyone else in this canyon. It is a hidden and mysterious place of immense beauty.

No previous experience required, when abseiling you have the choice to abseil yourself or be lowered by an instructor. Canyoning is available in Northland, Auckland, Queenstown, Wanaka and Canterbury so talk to us about experiencing canyoning in New Zealand.

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