Luxury Adventures recommend Cover-More Travel Insurance for your journey to New Zealand. Cover-More is a local Travel Insurance provider that can cover your journey from anywhere in the world, as long as New Zealand makes up part of your itinerary. While they are local, they also operate one of the worlds most respected emergency assistance providers, with experience in all major world travel events. Your access to these assistance professionals is guaranteed, when you purchase a Cover-More travel insurance policy.

The policy you need to access is called "Options", and covers the most important aspects of a holiday abroad:

(All benefits listed are in New Zealand Dollars)

Schedule of Benefits

Schedule Of Benefits Maximum Benefits
Medical and Dental Expenses Unlimited
Additional Expenses Unlimited
Amendment or Cancellation Costs - loaded as per your requirement
Luggage and Travel Documents* $25,000 per adult*
Delayed Luggage Allowance $1,500 per adult
Money (lost or stolen from your person) $500 per adult
Rental Car Insurance Excess I Up to $10,000 of cover I
Travel Delay $2,000 per adult
Hijacking $8,000 per adult
Loss of Income $9,000 (up to $1,000 per month)
Disability $15,000 per adult
Accidental Death $51,000 per adult
Personal Liability $2,500,000 per adult

* (Camera & video camera $3,000, laptops & computers $3,000, other items $1,500)

I This benefit can be added to the policy

We sincerely hope that your travel to New Zealand will be without any disruptions, but if something unforeseen occurs, lets make sure you are not penalised financially for that disruption.

All of the above cover comes at a great rate as well! Luxury Adventures have negotiated excellent rates with Cover-More Travel Insurance, which you will be pleasantly surprised with!

- "Region of Travel" selection HAS to be "New Zealand Inbound Travellers" to generate the correct quote/policy.
- Your "Departing" date should be the date you leave your Home, to begin your journey.
- Your "Returning" date should be the date you return to your Home, to complete your journey.
- Ages of Travellers - please enter the age you are when you will purchase the policy, not the age you are when you travel (if different).

Restrictions relevant to the Inbound Essentials Policy:

  • Cover-More's Inbound Essentials policy is ONLY available to those passengers who are 69 years of age or under, on the date the policy is purchased. (does not matter if you are 70+ when you travel)
  • Existing Medical Conditions outside those covered Free of Charge cannot be assessed or applied for. See the list of Free of Charge conditions on pages 7 and 8 of the Policy Wordinghere.
  • Luggage items cannot be specified beyond the $750NZD amount.
  • Passengers who intend to ride motorcycles (200cc or less) while travelling are required to pay an additional premium.
  • Passengers who intend to participate in Snow Sports when they are travelling are required to pay an additional premium.

**All coverage provided within the Inbound Essentials policy is adherent to the Policy Wording, which should be considered before you purchase a policy.**